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    How long do I have to pick up my finished mount?
    You have 30 days upon notified completion of work. After that, all work is subject to sell.
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    How should I clean my mount?
    Avoid heavy cleaners or polish, cleaning can be as simple as using a feather duster or a wet rag.
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    How much is the deposit on work?
    50% deposit is required upon order of work.
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    Can I get my mount back sooner?
    Yes, by paying 30% of total price of your mount can cut your wait time by 75%.
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    Do you ship mounts?
    Yes! We can ship if you are from out of state or if you are taking a hunting trip. Call today for a quote.
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    How long will it take for me to get my finished trophy?
    Time varies depending on current workload. When your order is replaced we will estimate a date of completion based on the current schedule.
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    Can I get a quantity discount?
    Quality is our top concern here. Every mount gets the attention and time that it deserves. In doing so our prices will not change for quantity.
Whitetail field care tips
Whitetail display options
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